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Treble Booster Special


8th July 2023: at present the Treble Booster Special pedal is not in stock, and I am expecting to have more pedals available by October 2023. As the pedals get close to being available I will post details on my webpage and will open the webshop for pre-orders. Cheers, Greg Fryer

The Fryer Treble Booster Special is proudly handmade by Greg Fryer and Kazutaka Ijuin

Specifications and information:
• A versatile treble booster pedal designed to suit all guitar and amplifier types
• "Range" control allows 6 flexible tonal settings, gives the sounds of our TB Super, TB Deluxe and TB Plus pedals as well as thinner and fatter sounds
• Uses same great sounding transistor as our Treble Booster Super and Deluxe
• Choice of using either 9V battery or 9V Adaptor
• On/Off true bypass rugged quality Alpha footswitch and LED status
• Level control
* Price is $AUD475.00 plus shipping cost
* Price is in Australian Dollars ($AUD), and please see for international currency exchange rates
* Please be aware that if you are ordering from a country outside Australia, that your government may charge you import tax (VAT etc) on any item you import. These charges are unfortunately beyond our control

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