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9 June 2024: the Mayday pedal is currently not in stock, and soon I am intending to develop a new design Mayday 2 pedal which reproduces the Brian May Deacy Amp distortion sound more fully. At this point it is not possible to say when this new pedal will be available, and I am hopeful it will be ready to produce around September 2024.
Cheers, Greg Fryer

Info about the 2015-2022 Mayday pedal:
The Fryer Mayday overdrive pedal is proudly handmade by Greg Fryer and Kazutaka Ijuin.

* The Fryer Mayday pedal is proudly handmade by Greg Fryer and Kazutaka Ijuin. The Mayday pedal gives the full volume harmonically rich overdriven Vox AC30 Brian May sound when driven by a treble booster first in line, but at much lower home practice volume levels or rehearsal levels than using a full volume Vox AC30 amplifier

* Suitable for amps such as Vox AC30, Vox Pathfinder and others. The Mayday pedal will also sound good used with amps such as Fender and Marshall etc
* The Mayday needs to be driven by a treble booster first in line and has been designed to suit any of the Fryer Treble Boosters. The Mayday pedal also sounds very good when used with other treble boosters such as Cornish, KAT etc.
*Adjust the Mayday input level control to suit how powerful the treble booster's output is.
* The Mayday is suited primarily to the Brian May Red Special guitar, however can sound very good used with Gibson and Fender guitars
* The Mayday requires a 9V Adaptor to give 9V DC power, use a Boss 9V PSA style adaptor 2.1mm dia plug negative centre, 100m/a or greater current capacity.
* Price is $AUD649.00 plus shipping cost
* Price is in Australian Dollars ($AUD), and please see for international currency exchange rates
* Please be aware that if you are ordering from a country outside Australia, that your government may charge you import tax (VAT etc) on any item you import. These charges are unfortunately beyond our control

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