Fryer guitars

Fryer/Di Marco Treble Booster


The Fryer/Di Marco Treble Booster is handmade to order by Greg Fryer. Building time is usually between 2-4 weeks.


Handmade by Greg Fryer.
Hand selected and tested BC182L transistor from the same batch of transistors used in the treble boosters made for Brian May by Greg Fryer from 1998 to 2005.
Selected hfe (gain) of transistor considered by Marco Giuseppe Di Marco to sound best with his onstage Vox AC30 rig after many months of live playing tests.
Moderate gain around 31db, sweet detailed balanced sound perfect for use with a Red Special guitar and Burns Trisonic pickups.
Dual use as either a strap mounted or floor mounted treble booster.
Neoprene rubber strip on back for strap use.
New PCB design and PCB layout specially designed for this custom made pedal.
PCB potted in epoxy resin to help reduce unwanted vibration noises which can occur due to loud stage environments.
Satin Black colour for less obtrusive stage use.
Powered by a 9V battery.
Quality Switchcraft jacks.

Price: $AUD411.00
According to website this amount is approx equivalent to (as of 6 November 2023):
249.00 Euros
GBP: 216.00
Japanese Yen: 39,990.00

Shipping cost:
Within Australia: $AUD22.00 by Express Post
Outside of Australia: $AUD65.00 by EMS Express Post International